Your belt is capable of more than you think

The concealed toolbox on your belt
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Always Right Where You Need It

The Bitbuckle is easily accessible and ready for use at any time.

When you’re done with it, it pops seamlessly back onto your belt. No need to worry about keeping one more thing in your pocket.

A Toolbox Wherever You Go

The Bitbuckle has 6 precision bits, a high torque driver, and a utility blade that can be accessed with a flick of your thumb. 

Whatever the job calls for, you’ll have the tools.

A Toolbox Wherever You Go

The BitBuckle is machined of 7075 T6 aluminum also known as "aerospace grade aluminum" (but that's a total buzzword and is mostly untrue) 

However it is true that 7075 T6 is one of strongest aluminum alloys available and has strength and hardness comparable to steel while still being lightweight.

We’re so confident in the design of the BitBuckle that it comes with a lifetime guarantee. If anything were to happen 1, 5, or 10 years down the line, we’ve got you covered.

A toolbox on your belt


Ever been in a sticky situation that could have been avoided or easily solved if you only had tools within your reach? So have we, so we created The BitBuckle.

  • Screwdriver bits and driver always in reach

  • Intuitive 2 part design makes it possible to deploy in under two seconds

  • Can both be used as buckle, or as a clip attachment

  • Interchangeable utility tool

  • Get the features of a toolbelt and keep the look and comfort of a casual belt

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Enter your email, and get $50 discount (the biggest we’ll ever give) and other exclusive perks.