How secure is The BitBuckle's magnetic attachment?

The BitBuckle is secured to your belt via a set of neodymium magnets, the most powerful on the market (No, that isn't a buzzword, google it.) We’ve tested them extensively, and they’ll keep it secure whether you’re out for a stroll, crawling through your office ventilation (we don’t know why you would), or climbing a mountain.

Can i use my own belt instead?

Absolutely, The BitBuckle work just like any other pin buckle and can be fitted to any standard sized belt (Max belt width 36mm / 1.4")

I'm worried about the knife automatically deploying.

If you’re concerned about having a utility knife that close to your ‘business’, don’t worry. The blade is tightly secured with another set of magnets when retracted. It comes out easily when you need it, and never before.

When can i buy it!?

Glad you asked, The BitBuckle will launch on Kickstarter early to mid November - be sure to sign up to the newsletter to get notified (and get discounts)

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