What's in it for me?

Our far future plans involve world domination and the creation of an overly elaborate palace for our members.For now, We're settling for us spreading the word about the BitBuckle. We don’t want to launch our Kickstarter in a vacuum, so our secret society is going to be a kickass referral program.  

So what kind of cool shit can you get?

For some people, there will be discounts and even a free BitBuckle those who really spread the word. One of our favorite prizes? Entrance into the BitBuckle Ambassador Program. This is the real secret part of the group, because we’ve got a lot of stuff in the works for the BitBuckle ambassadors. 
Here’s just a few of them:

get and Test prototypes

guaranteed top discount when we launch

A say in what features we should add

monthly contents (with rewards)

Allright, how do i join?

The way this thing work is, the more friends you get to join the BitBuckle's mailing list the cooler stuff you unlock, and yes, it have to be actual real people.

 When you press the button below you get your personalized dashboard where you can follow your progress.